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Individualized Development. Technology Fueled.

The current way of development holds many athletes back. At KPI we have developed systems that empower athletes to achieve their peak level of performance so athletes can beat the odds and see their dreams become a reality.

We offer small group classes that are built around assessment-based programming and a data-led approach that utilizes our gold standard technology and incredible staff to drive individual, athletic development.

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The Most High Level Athletes

It’s Time to KPI

At KPI we know too many athletes are not advancing to the upper levels of the game because they are held back by the old way of doing things. When an athlete’s individual needs are not served, they miss out on essential development.

When an they athlete is given individualized programming validated by world class technology, they can truly reach their peak level of performance. Athletes that are motivated and receive the best systems have no limit to what they can accomplish.

When athletes are made the center of the developmental process, their dreams can become reality.


Strength/Movement Training
We are experts in how the human body moves and how to properly keep athletes physically ready for the rigors of their sport


Strength matters most for performance and a breakdown in strength and movement quality leads to fatigue, which is the #1 cause of injuries in athletes. KPI is staffed with certified professionals that know how to keep athletes healthy.


We use the gold standard technology in the industry to evaluate, program, and progress athletes to their peak performance levels

Developing Tomorrow’s Stars of the Game Today