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Every program at KPI is a month to month commitment. You sign up for a given number of sessions and at the end of the month those sessions expire, your package automatically renews, and you are able to continue to schedule. If you want to freeze/cancel your account, you must give us 2 weeks notice of freeze or cancellation. If you don’t give us a 2 week notice, you have two options. First, you get a refund and keep the credit on your account for future use. Second option is to pay a $99 cancellation processing fee, which is deducted from your refund which is credited back to your card on file. This policy is in place as our only avenue of holding players/families accountable to the training commitment you have made.

You can book a session on the KPI app or through our scheduling website. Check out the video below to learn how to book and cancel a session

Book a session –

Cancel a session –

The KPI membership gives all members unlimited access to the facility, discounts on all training packages, and many other perks! A training package is a specific program we are offering that needs to be scheduled and is highly structured with staffed coaches.

All payments processed at KPI generates an invoice and everyone can check these on their own through their account. Check out the video below to learn how to check invoices…

An assessment is the first part of training at KPI for most athletes. We explain our programs, document essential information from the athlete, take the athlete through a joint-by-joint mobility screen, conduct a force plate evaluation, and then a review of the assessment findings

Creating an account is simple, use the link below to start your KPI account. Once you create an account we will receive a notice and let you know how to proceed. You may also do this on the KPI app on your iPhone (no Android app)

We are located at 195 Mast Street, Suite 110 in Morgan Hill, CA. We are all the way on the right side of the building with KPI signage outside our door

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