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Aspiring baseball and softball players have a confusing and tangled matrix to work through trying to find the best development options to help them reach their goals.  An athlete that receives different one-on-one lesson/training setups can easily get confused and miss out on many of the great benefits of the group environment.  At KPI we have developed a great setup to allow athletes to enjoy all the benefits of the group model over lessons.

Competitive, Engaging Environment

Human beings are social beings and we scientifically need each other to accomplish things.  It’s an evolutionary trait.  When young athletes are engaged they are far more likely to…

  1. Show Up – They won’t do what’s not fun for them
  2. Invest – They will adopt training and processes if it stimulates them
  3. Execute – If they see others working hard, they will rise to that level of expectation

A huge part of creating an engaging community is competing.  With our advanced technology and high level of athletes in every program, athletes are given constant feedback through data, leaderboards, and good old fashioned wins and losses.  We create competition in every part of the development systems at KPI.  This is nearly impossible to execute with one-one lessons that are often boring and lead to dis-engagement and just “getting in reps.”

The last key piece of cultivating an engaging environment is community.  The #kpicrew is a true community that has a “team” feel to it.  This strong base of a relationship between the athletes and the staff is truly what makes KPI a special place.  Despite being from different cities, different teams, and have different levels, everyone pulls and works for each other. 

All One System – One Stop Shop

Athletes often get caught in the trap of having multiple coaches or trainers that handle different aspects of their development.  While each of these entities might be qualified and effective, it really creates a disconnected approach that leads to the consumption of the finite resources of time, energy, and money. 

When an athlete walks in the door at KPI, every one of their developmental needs are accounted for.  We can give them everything they need with our staff, systems, and facilities, including…

  • Skill Work – We have the very best hitting and pitching coaches in the industry that are well trained in data-driven systems and a Constraints Led Approach
  • Strength – We are led by certified strength coaches and the owners of KPI have Masters degrees in Exercise Science and Kinesiology. We have systems rooted in human movement and motor learning that are driven by our world class technology.
  • Injuries – We have systems in placed to identify and train injured athletes. Our technology can help prevent injuries before they happen and we are well versed on how to handle high-level athletes that might be banged up.  We have an extensive network of physical therapists, chiropractors, and orthopedics that we can refer out to if an athlete needs that level of intervention.


Paying for individual lessons by multiple sets of coaches or trainers can get very expensive.  It often sneaks up on families because they are paying out somewhat smaller chunks of money to each individual coach/trainer, but it can often add up to thousands of dollars per month.

With KPI’s small group setup, every athlete shares in the cost.  With our systems and efficiency, we are able to provide a huge coaching staff in every session with experts guiding the athletes every step of the way.  We are able to do this because of our group structure and this provides a much more affordable, and more effective, developmental experience for athletes. 

Technology Integrations

It can be very difficult for private coaches to afford advanced technology and it doesn’t usually calculate out for them to spend tens of thousands of dollars to get the kind of tech needed to truly drive player development.  The return on investment to give enough lessons to pay for that just isn’t there. 

Because we handle a lot of volume and have such efficient systems, we can afford to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in tech because we know it will influence development for so many athletes. 


These are some of the reasons why our business is in such a nice spot and why our Development Program model is positively effecting so many athletes.  We know the stakes for the athletes that train at KPI… they are working to see their dreams come true.  So we invest in the very best systems, staff, and development so they can see that process through. 

Developing Tomorrow’s Stars of the Game Today