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Baseball and Softball Player Development Programs

At Kinetic Performance Institute on the West Coast, we believe in the concept of holistic athletic and personal development for baseball and softball players at every level. Our development programs for players are the backbone of our organization and why we are considered the premier performance training center in Northern CA. The mental makeup of a player is just as important as the athletic ability and physical strength. Our goal is to provide comprehensive training and development to build a complete athletic and respectable human being. Contact us to learn more.

Muscle Maturity Training at KPIMH

Building Mental Strength and Physical Skills

Our philosophy is that the best athletes are complete players who put as much conditioning into their mental health and awareness as they do in their physical attributes. Our development programs focus on both of these to help baseball and softball players build powerful mental strength to help them deal with adversity and tough days while staying focused on their performance. Programs focus on improved hitting for average and power, increasing pitching velocity, and raising athleticism in players. Individuals’ stats are stored in the cloud in player profiles for tracking and recruiting reports.

Nets Training at Morgan Hill, CA

Our Development Program

A development program at Kinetic Performance Institute includes:

  • Mental and mindset training
  • A full arm care routine
  • Individual workouts for hitting, pitching, and strength conditioning
  • Explosive rotational acceleration training
  • Hip mobility and stability work
  • The best technology available, including K-Vest, Hittrax, Rapsodo, and Blast

World Class Technology and Coaching for Better Training

Every development program at our performance center is based on the world-class technology we use to train and develop today’s rising stars. Whether a player is preparing to make their high school team or intensifying their training to play at the college level, they use the best technology and training equipment of any baseball and softball facility in Northern CA here at Kinetic Performance Institute. Additionally, our coaching staff has the experience to use technical data and turn it into an actionable tool for the ultimate development experience. Players don’t just get insight into their form and mechanics. They’re shown how to make changes and improvements that directly impact their play on the field.

Start an Individualized Training Program Today

At Kinetic Performance Institute in Morgan Hill, CA, we start every baseball or softball player out with an individual assessment. Our coaching staff looks at hitting, pitching, and physical capabilities and uses the results to build a customized training program for the athlete. From strength and conditioning to nutritional education and arm care, each aspect of our program works together to improve and strengthen the athlete’s long-term development, health, and appreciation for the game. Contact us to learn more.

Developing Tomorrow’s Stars of the Game Today