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Undergo Training With Our Baseball Pitch Experts

Our business model at Kinetic Performance Institute is to provide comprehensive baseball and softball training resources for athletes at every level. We provide coaches, training, nutritionists, and resources that enable players to beat their personal records and excel at these sports.

Our high-quality programs and our team of experts provide athletes in high school and college with the opportunity to improve and grow their skills. KPI offers many services that allow our customers to excel, including training programs, skills assessments, arm care, and nutrition programs. Contact Kinetic Performance Institute today to learn more.

Learn Pitching Grip at Morgan Hill, CA


What Is a Baseball Pitch Grip?

Baseball pitch grips are what can make unbelievable pitchers out of good players. There are many stories of brutal pitch profiles that blow the competition out of the water, achievable simply by making a few tactical grip changes. At Kinetic Performance Institute, we can help you practice and perfect these grips so that your pitching game improves dramatically.

Our team has studied and practiced these baseball grips so that our experts can effectively teach our athletes.

Different Types of Pitches and Grips

In recent years, there have been many technological advances that have helped trainers and coaches know how to replicate and teach outstanding pitches. With these innovative advancements, our coaches and trainers can train athletes on specialized pitches and the grips that cause those pitches to happen.

How To Learn a New Pitch Grip in Morgan Hill

Learning about new pitch grips is only the first step in picking up that pitch grip. From there, you have to understand the difference between the grips in order to use them properly. Here, you can learn how a grip is done and develop a better understanding of how to adjust grip placement and pressure until you master the grip.

While the grip is a crucial element in learning the overall pitch, it isn’t the whole process. The best part about learning these grips is trying them out on the field. Practicing pitching the ball while learning new grips is one of the best ways to keep the process fun and focus on the goal of the program.

Modify Your Grips With the Baseball Seams

Surprisingly, the thing that makes the biggest difference in the power of a pitch is the tiniest modification. Practicing gripping a baseball by the seams in different formations can help athletes find the perfect grip for them.

Modifying your grip on your baseball is a small change that will show big results in your pitch. This combined with the release of the ball creates the pitch.

Learn Grip Variations at Morgan Hill, CA

The Most Versatile Pitching Grips

There are a couple of specific pitching grip adjustments that athletes can make that can completely improve their grip. If you’re just starting on your journey towards improving your pitch, these three adjustments are the best ones to start out with.

  • Fingertip Pressure: No matter what pitch you are working on or teaching, fingertip pressure is a great place to start. If the pressure isn’t right, it doesn’t matter if the grip is perfect, the ball won’t have the power it needs. The pressure is a major factor in the resulting pitch. For example, a curve ball isn’t curved because it was thrown with a different hand motion. Rather it is curved because of the velocity of the throw. Adjusting the pressure is a great way to adjust the pitch.
  • Different Thumb Positions: If your pitch is still having issues, it could be because a different thumb position is needed. Often, if the thumb is in the way or gets snagged as the ball is released, it can completely derail a pitch. There are three significant thumb positions (0/25/50). A “0” thumb position is when the thumb is directly on the underside of the ball. This can make release easier with certain pitches. A “50” thumb position is when the thumb is on the side of the ball. A “25” thumb position is when the thumb is placed halfway in-between the “0” position and the “50” position. Continue to play with these thumb positions until you find a grip that works for you.
  • Different Spike Alterations: Spike alterations on baseball grips can have a great effect on the speed and fingertip pressure. Spiking the ball can help increase the pressure on the seam which will help increase the curve. With certain spike alterations you can also alter the direction of spin. A spiked pitch will curve downward which can intensify curveball pitches while normal grips can be very useful when practicing a slider. The different spike alterations include:
    • Standard Spike
    • Curled
    • Index Off
    • Index Stacked

The Depth of the Grip

The last main thing to take note of when it comes to baseball pitch grips is the depth of the grip. This is mainly to adjust the comfort of a grip for each athlete so it’s a very personal choice. Our team recommends trying the different depths many times before deciding on one that you’re going to master. Different depths allow each athlete to perfectly handle the ball and find the best places to access the seams and initiate release. The three categories of grip depth are standard depth, shallow depth, and deep depth. With shallow depth, the baseball rests more on your fingertips and with deep depth the ball rests more near your palm. Practice to see what works best for you.

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At Kinetic Performance Institute we help to improve your pitching style and variation. If all of these minor adjustments seem overwhelming to you, or if you want a trainer to help you master your pitch, contact Kinetic Performance Institute. We can help you become who you want to be.

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