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The NCAA transfer portal was introduced as a means of giving college athletes more freedom to explore their options and transfer to other schools without facing significant penalties. While this move was meant to benefit college athletes, it has created some unintended consequences for high school athletes looking to play at the college level.

One of the biggest impacts of the transfer portal is that college coaches are now able to rely on transfers to fill gaps in their rosters, rather than recruiting high school athletes. With so many athletes in the transfer portal, coaches can find experienced players who are ready to contribute immediately, rather than taking a chance on an unproven high school player.

This is especially challenging for high school athletes who may not have had the opportunity to showcase their abilities due to pandemic-related restrictions or other factors outside of their control. With fewer college spots available, high school athletes may find it more difficult to get noticed by college coaches and earn the scholarship offers they need to continue their athletic careers.

Another issue is that high school athletes who do receive scholarship offers may find themselves competing with transfers for playing time. This creates a more challenging environment for high school athletes to develop their skills and gain the experience necessary to advance to the next level.

While the transfer portal has undoubtedly created more opportunities for college athletes, it is important to consider the impact it has had on high school recruiting. As the NCAA continues to evaluate the impact of the transfer portal, it is essential to find a balance that supports both college and high school athletes.

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